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Our list of the top 10 brands toting Men’s shoes for 2023 is here. Some of the brands listed below will be hard to keep up with, but worth the discovery.

Although it is going to seem like almost all designers hail from Brooklyn on this list, it just so happens that Brooklyn-born or Brooklyn-based footwear collections are serving up shoes for any occasion. From Styling to hiking this list will take your feet anywhere you want to go and hit you with some new brands to consider.

1. Lifestyle

Blackstock & Weber takes its customer’s outdoor dreams and turns them into urban realities. 

Based in Brooklyn NY, founder Chris Echevarria brings all things travel and culture and presents a loafer that is so well suited for deal-making in Fort Greene, but also soled for covered-bridge hunting in Albany.

Blackstock & Weber has all the lux materials sitting on crepe bottoms, lugs, and welt wedges. 

Check out the Ellis Penny Loafer in Chocolate Flip with the Vibram sole that just dropped:

blackstock & weber
Blackstock & Weber Bit Loafer

2. Styling

Somewhere In America is the coin for Sia Collective. Brooklyn native Delvin Carter gives us 90’s nostalgic vibes as well as future-forward silhouettes that are constantly growing on us. Styled to work with any streetwear look (you can even pair the shoes with Sia Collective sportswear as well), the sneakers and boots in the collection make this brand a player among giants. 

The Sia_Collection Instagram page displays all the offerings. From foam slip-ons with all the fixings, hybrid outsole molds, and desert boots. However, it’s the following and Member’s Only subscription that gets first dibs on the designer drops!

sia collective sneakers

3. Stepping Out

Mandeaux is making sure whatever step you take on the dance floor will be Fuego in these Justin Fuego red suede Chelsea boots. Established in 2019 by Aaron Sharp the family-owned brand keeps its clients in step, checking the time and getting the morning boost. Mandeaux offers luxury timepieces as well as flavored single-origin coffee roasts from around the world. 

The custom shoe service Mandeaux offers also is key for weddings and special occasions. 

mandeaux shoes
mandeaux shoes

4. Hiking & Climbing

RockDeep owner Rocky Parish purchased tooling from a footwear company that was meant for the outdoor industry and took the RD brand to a whole other level. Today RockDeep serves up not only hiking boots. There are celebrity collaborations and easily over 100 styles to choose from on limited stock including sneakers and slides. The odds that you’ll see another person on the trail rocking your Caged Wolfs are low but highly appreciated. 


5. Running

Take your next sprint or trail run in these. Kenya’s first running athletic brand Enda was launched in 2017 in the country of world record runners and marathon winners. Although the website states that their shoes may not make you run a world record, but hey, you never know. Enda means GO! 

enda running shoes

6. Travel

Armando Cabral has created these ultimate travel slippers that anyone would appreciate on the go. Made from the softest deerskin leather, crafted by artisans in Italy, the Quebo zip-pouch slipper folds neatly into its own zip-pouch.

7. When You Need A Burgundy Shoe

Enzi is but 2 years young but has managed to carve out a classic basket shoe with ease. The Jagama, along with the other styles in the collection has harnessed a very specific style on its own. From the leather choices and finishes to the off-colored outsoles, there is a nostalgia and craft that is unique and stand-alone.

enzi sneakers

8. Outer Space

Heron Preston has solved the problem of what to wear when we actually do travel to the moon. The Rock Steppers are unique in look and may very well blend in with the dust taking steps on the lunar planetary mass. Easily slip on or out of these and hit the ground running (in slow motion?) to an observatory near you. 


9. Cool Casual

This one is a “2 for”. Brandblack teamed up with Salehe Bembury and introduced us to a cool casual shoe that can run, jump, step on some rocks, and make it to class on time. The material mix looks reclaimed in all the right places and the crimped Vibram sole should last you oh, about 100 years. The no-sew upper is interesting as well. 


10. Best White-White

With a touch of lux is Good Man Brand’s the Edge. It is always good to have a fresh pair of white-whites in the stash that go along with almost anything. Doesn’t hurt to have your whites done in Nappa leather either.


As with all of the shoes and footwear purchases, find out if your newfound favorite brand offers cobbler, repair or recycling, or incentive product return services so that your shoe investment goes a long way. 

Tanita Gray

Editor-In-Chief, Publisher and Founder of, and CEO of Shoes Waste. Gray is a footwear, accessory and apparel designer/developer by day - writer and content architect by night. With over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry, you can find her teaching sustainability classes, drawing thumbnails, writing in her journal, giving her husband & children enormous hugs, or eating french fries.

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