A super fast look at some “ugly” shoes.

Some even call them perfect or beautiful. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of the questionable shoes that also hit the market this month.

WARNING: This post is 100% opinionated with videos and images resourced from the world wide web. Sometimes Last-Report does like to have a little fun and highlight things that make you go… hmmmm.

Sykes unboxing Yeezys on USAToday

Let Skyes do the talking because apparently, these are not ugly enough. They are on the verge of, possibly being…cool? PLEASE SKIP THE AD, lol.


The Foam Rnnr has a very similar ugly/beautiful approach as the 450’s. What makes this clog more interesting than the brand below is that the innovative concepts for EVA use is unlimited. Infused with algae, this odd silhouette has sneaker heads going bananas. I have yet to see someone actually wear these on the street (probably because they fear the shoes will “grow” in the sun), but nevertheless the Foam Rnnr shoes are here to stay. Call it Jenn-yuhs or weird or cool or all of the above, Kanye West and Adidas created a collaboration that breaks all the EVA molds.

Algae needs sunlight to activate photosynthesis, or the cells will die


Yet another weird and unnecessary collaboration from CROCS. This time it involves an iconic Hip-Hop group that changed the way we remembered Saturday/Sunday afternoon Kung-Fu flicks. You have to really guess who stepped into the design room when this project was presented. It is hard to imagine a member of the Wu-Tang Clan actually had anything to do with this one. It is even harder to imagine “hard-bodies” standing on the corner rocking a pair of these with any cultural pride. Wallabees are one thing, but CROCS? You can actually buy these shoes. But first, take a look at the campaign art. Being a native New Yorker, I have only ever seen smoke coming from the Ninja Turtle manholes since the 80’s and/or poorly done with studio movies depicting New York City grime. Not only did they ruin my favorite WU song on the title header, but they also ruined a memory, a connection and storytelling at its finest that is forever stained.

The link below the atrocity says, “Take Me To Shaolin”. Click it and you get instantly transported to a lame CROCS product page – not Staten Island or anyplace relative to that. Plus, the shoes are just ugly. Just throw some WU’s on the side and a dope/fat/stupid WU on the front, and keep the licensed colors black and yellow. Yeah, those hippity-hoppity kids will love to wear those with knee-high socks as they binge watch the Wu-Tang Saga. There are not enough exclamation points or question marks to place here.

Wu-Tang shoes are springing up all over the place and although these are not the first time a WU was thrown on an EVA unit, it is the first from a major legit collaboration.

Someone approved this.

LaMelo Ball And PUMA To Release The MB.01 Low In “UFO”

Jeff Gately (Product Line Manager, Basketball Footwear at PUMA) says the MB.01 is one of the first products that had the Nitro Foam on to the court, combined with Melo’s new performance fit and collar height makes it a one-of-a-kind shoe or “1of1”. The MB.01 UFO is “Out Of This World” as the silhouette is a bit strange, yet functionally new for basketball shoes. Everything from the feathered collar to the midsole screams young-at-heart aesthetics. For sure Rick & Morty or the cast of Futurama should be redrawn with these in future and forever episodes.

MB.01 – UFO

Cardi B x Reebok – “Let Me Be…Enchanted” Collection

OK so it’s a bit early but the images are out so…A cross between a failing brand and creative block is the result of the fourth season of the Classic Leather update. A simple classic sits atop mounds of midsole and lugs, A clear sign that the “Ugly Dad Shoes” phenomenon just won’t go away. Other previous renderings of the capsule included metallic silver and neon. This collection includes an interesting touch of satin-finished materialization to the Reebok insignia however, the campaign photos seem outdated and shows no creativity of collaboration from such a visually engaging artist like Cardi B.  The Free-style 54.11’s are still safe with tongues out (literally) and there will be to follow, a footwear line called “Mommy & Me,” inspired by her three-year-old daughter Kulture.

The classic is not so much ugly as it is, misunderstood?

Let Me Be…Enchanted. Classic Leather
Perhaps a literal nod to the 90’s and Lil’Kim in the Crush On You” video

Black And Medium Nike ISPA Link

Scavenge; Protect; Adapt. It takes only 8 minutes to make and it shows! This is exactly why the major consumers cannot get behind sustainable products when it comes to sneakers.  The ISPA is a completely recyclable shoe that can be taken apart, which is great for Shoe Waste. However, to think that the mass majority of people will be willing to wear the ISPA as they do an AF1 is questionable. At $225 a whop, it is clearly obvious that NIKE continues to price out sustainability from its core consumers who spend only $79.99 on a pair of fresh whites. And without the right designers in the room contributing in the sustainable conversation, NIKE will remain consistent to just throw things to the wall to see if it sticks. A direct hit to consumer intelligence. This shoe is ugly on so many levels beyond looks, its unbearable.

Also an early peek to ask…why?

Side Note:

Not every design is suited for everyone. What looks like a dud to one person is beauty and art to another. Design is in the eye of the beholder AND the sell through. So please if you are on the design team for any of the above mentioned footwear, good for you! Your shoes are out there on the market selling and hopefully thriving.

Tanita Gray

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