Running trend creates health, relaxation, something to do, heel spurs…

The Plantar. A wedge of muscle located at the very bottom of our feet. You know, the part of the foot that is always sore – especially after a run? Running is supposed to be healthy for you. Health should not equal consistent pain. But the growing trend in the sport is not stopping anyone from signing up and fashioning a number on their chest.

The sport trend can have you outrunning the dead during, Survival Zombie in Spain or taking part in TATA’s NYC Marathon with 4 time winner, Mary Keitany. Folks are running to the nearest sneaker lab, to pick up a pair of trainers fit for the finish line. They are also running to the podiatrist to attack the pain developing in their, Plantar Fascia.

Plantar Fascia – Sounds like an exotic resort 

The Plantar Fascia supports the heel and as we walk, it stretches and contracts with the weight we put on it. Now imagine the weight we put on our heels when we are running from zombies? We create a heel spur (an extra bone growing in direction of the pull/stretch) or inflammation.

According to the University Foot & Ankle Institute,

“The problem occurs when the ligament is under constant stress and stretch such as with flat feet or tightness of the fascia. The ligament will begin to tear off from its origin in the heel bone.”

If you are into the new barefoot running trend, you may want to rethink running on the pavement!

This is not to discourage you from participating in the sport, however we all should be aware of what to do if a problem of the Plantar Fascia occurs. The UFAI website also says that, “There should be no burning pain or sharp nerve pain with plantar fascitis and there should be no deep aching pain. Often, plantar fascitis is confused with a pinched nerve or stress fracture of the heel.”

Here are some tips if ever you are faced with this issue after a hard run:

1. Stretching the heel before & after running

2. Concentrating more on Mid-Foot Strike, especially downhills (try both MFS and Ball Of Foot methods).

3. Roll your feet across a frozen bottle of water (with socks on)

3. Experiment with different shoes

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Tanita Gray

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