The Brazilian Bounce

Beyoncé and Alicia Keys “Put It In A Love Song” was filmed in Rio de Janeiro just in time for the Carnival festivals.

Around 2008 – 2012’ish there was this Brazilian intervention in ready to wear fashion. Everything from swimsuits to high heels, flip flops and bikini wax toted the country destination of Beyoncé and Alicia Keys Carnival duet, “Put It In A Love Song”. Do you remember? That all kind of went away for the most part as fashion trends always do. 

But more importantly, the industry could not keep up with the trend. Increased import duties and taxes stood in the way of beautifully crafted leather finishes and heels. It seemed as if only the larger brands were able to adapt and develop in places like São Paulo or the German influenced Nuovo Hamburgo. 

Skip to the February 2022 series of MAGIC in Las Vegas. That showcase helped to elevate the resurgence of Brazilian footwear imports, even in the eye of the COVID-19 global storm.

Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) reports that in the first quarter of 2022 saw shipments of 40.74 million pairs of shoes, worth $320.65 million US dollars. The figures reflect an increase of 27.3% in volume and 65.8% in value, as compared to the same period of 2021.

“Exports showed a recovery dynamics much higher than the growth of domestic demand, and last year we recovered to shipments registered in the pre-pandemic, with more than 123 million pairs shipped” 

Abicalçados Chief Executive, Haroldo Ferreira

This was a very important move during a very critical time for the industry. Almost 70% of overseas products were halted for some brands. Which left retailers wondering if they would get any product at all. With the looming concern of overseas’ development delays from shutdowns, Brazil was still pumping out a great product offering. 

Loafers made in Brazil

Brazilian brands under the BFIA umbrella did great at the fairs that jump-started 2022. The tradeshow/fair lineup went like this: Expo Riva Schuh (Italy), Playtime (USA), Magic Las Vegas (USA), Atlanta Shoe Market (USA), Magic NY (USA) and Micam (Italy) – generated more than US$ 38 million in business.

Four out of the six fairs were held in the USA, in which the BFIA saw great success for their brands. This further enhances the development of actions and projects with the goal of amplifying the “made in Brazil” shoes across the world.

Brazilian Flavor


There are brands we are very familiar with like Schutz, for example, that have put the pin on the map for elegant lines and heels worthy of the Samba or Jongo. Schutz has paved an incredible road for Brazilian fashion forward footwear and could be recognized as a beacon or model to successful marketing. With its own flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles and Florida, retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Revolve Clothing and Saks have also invested in the brand offering its customers a look into high fashion products from Brazil.

The new Schutz bridal collection

Alexandre Birman

Stepping onto the scene with the simple pequeno bow Alexandre Birman earned two flagship boutiques in the US; on Madison Ave in New York and Bal Harbor in Florida. Birman’s passion for footwear not only launched his signature line, but also the ambitious Schutz (above).

The Clarita on display
Birman on his footwear years.


Most of us are familiar with the popular revamp of the classic “Jelly” sandal. Melissa transformed plastic into a classic and with so many collabs to choose from, it’s hard to resist the colors, fun and excitement of the brand.

melissa viktor-rolf
Melissa x Viktor-Rolf
Melissa x Viktor-Rolf
Melissa x Viktor-Rolf
Melissa x Viktor-Rolf
Melissa x Viktor-Rolf


If you have ever walked into a comfort shoe store, then chances are you have picked up a pair of shoes by Piccadilly. Brazil is best known for its comfort insole technology and footbed features, it’s no wonder why the comfort business is a highly represented category. 

Piccadilly comfort made in Brazil

Petite Jolie

Seen at many footwear fairs is Petite Jolie. Also innovating the extraordinary composition of plastics, Petite Jolie offers footwear and matching accessories for the whole family…even your pet! Petite Jollie can also be found on the edgy Dolls Kill website. 

Petite Jollie’s version of the classic fisherman jelly sandal


As part of a vibrant B Corp community, Cariuma is on a mission to make good business work for the common good. With a sustainable and ethical approach to development, this brand has put Brazil in the minds with reforestation efforts supporting the ancient ecosystem.

Shoes Made In Brazil
Eco-conscious Cariuma slip ons.
The Catiba Pro sports the signature leaf from Cariuma


Pegada serves over 60 countries and is one of the largest factories in the region. What can be called an A-Z manufacturing; Pegada makes its own outsoles. The men’s lines can be found in Southern California at Oh My Sole, Westlake Shoes and Morovati Uomo.

Pegada’s mens comfortwear
pegada mens shoes
Pegada sports influenced outsoles

Develop Your Shoes In Brazil

Development from Brazil should increase as well in 2023. On the Abicalçados website, you can see many footwear brands listed in their organization. Those brands also double as manufacturers. Why is this? Brazil has a very large population and the scope of the footwear industry is vast from all corners of the country. Meaning, Brazil supplies its own growing and fashion vibrant population. 

To meet global distribution, these factories have created their own brands, ecommerce destinations, as well as physical brick and mortar. In addition to these homebased achievements, they have the capability to manufacture shoes for other International brands. These factories can produce footwear and accessories for men, women and children.

Here is list of manufacturers that also produce for others:


Claudia Martinez





Luz da Lua


Stéphanie Classic


Vitória Prado


Made in Brazil
Slides – Made In Brazil!

Want more?

Click on the Instagram links for the following brands from the Beira Rio Group that are also sold in the USA, giving more options ranging from comfort to fashion sandals.

Dinna Shoes 

Antonello Shop 

Inspired Sandals  

Learn more about development and fashion brands from Brazil by visiting the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) website. There is more to discover.


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