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Want to know what it’s like to travel as a creative while in the city of New York? Last-Report travel has it all covered from the Hudson Yards to Harlem.

Yellow Taxis are becoming less frequented thanks to Uber and Lyft.

Take Off

Country: United State of America (North America)

City of Interest: New York City

Frequent Flyer Mileage

New York City is 2,790 miles from Los Angeles and a 15 hr flight from Kong Kong.

Expense Report

Photo: Alexander Mils 

Because NYC is within the US – currency is in USD. Which, in most cases has a higher rate than other global currencies.

Flight to NYC from LAX range from $237-$400 per person – depending on the time of year, dates, etc. Flights to NY from other Eastern Seaboard states and the Midwest are on average the same price. A cost-effective alternative is to fly into the nearby state airport of Newark, NJ.

Hotel stays start at $109/night on your favorite hotel booking apps.


The flight from LAX to JFK is 5 hours and on the return is 6 hours. So beware of the time change as it is highly possible to come down with a delay of jetlag.

You might want to recover a bit on the Airtrain or on the taxi cab ride to your hotel from either LaGuardia, JFK or Newark.


One of the most interesting hospitality options in New York are the PODS. With several locations throughout the city – the minimal-quarters-big-on-fun concepts seem to be a great choice. And why not? Most of the time spent in the city is outside of the dwelling navigating through town for at least 18 hours of the day.

The POD Hotels presents a Euro-style design while providing a host of outside amenities like Día de Muertos rooftop, neighborhood walks, oversized game areas and partnerships with eateries in the neighborhood.

If you prefer cosmopolitan style accommodations, hotels like the W and ACE Hotel are always a for sure go-to.

No matter which hotel you choose – there are no shortages of Instagramable shots.


New York in the summer is a sweltering melting pot mixed with the humidity and the constant construction and development – so bring along some handy-wipes. A small umbrella or poncho is a good idea to fit into your daily tote bag.

Probably the best time to see New York comfortably is in the Fall or September when the temps are not as high and walking 20 blocks to any destination will feel like a breeze.

Getting Around

You will want to find out if you have any Uber or Lyft cash hanging around. There is also a car new car service app called Juno that is specifically for NYC.

Taking the metro rail and bus is an interesting way to get around the city and into the boroughs as it cuts traffic in half…but if you can stand the heat of the underground tunnels and the crowds – take the subway. Remember, there is a $1.00 “new card fee” for the purchase of a new MetroCard AND that not every machine takes cards so you might want to travel with at least $10 cash in your pocket for the subway pass.

Find out more about metro fares HERE

Time Management

No one wants to be late. With so much to do and see in New York, there will always be the urge to pop on over to the New York Sanctum and borrow the Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange. The Time Stone would come in handy because more than likely…you just might be running late. Street traffic, changing schedules and waiting on car arrangements, will surely slow down the momentum. But do not worry! Most professionals are well aware of this and are flexible to the elements that can eat up time.

FFANY’s Academy Mansion

If you are going to attend any trade shows in New York like New York Now or Liberty Fairs, you will want to make sure to arrange your meetings centered around midtown up to 59th street. Stay in the vicinity of the showrooms so that you do not miss an appointment.

Lineapelle NYC Leather Fair

If you are planning to attend the New York Lineapelle leather fair (which you should) – the same rules apply as the show is located in midtown. In this case, its ok to venture off towards downtown Union Square.

Do NOT forget your charger and if you can – bring an extra cord!

Do something DIFFERENT

One of the most fantastic and creative times to visit New York is during New York Fashion Week.


Although designers are opting to show off-site – there are still many fashion-related events to explore. 

Check out the dates for Harlem Fashion Week and see the re-transformation of the Harlem Renaissance and the fashion industry that is being preserved and brought back to the bustling community. There is also Fashion Week Brooklyn in October as well to discover new emerging designers from local Williamsburg, Fort Green, Prospect and surrounding neighborhoods.

Fashion Week Brooklyn
Harlem Fashion Week

Of course, Broadway shows are still all the rage when visiting the big apple, but so are bars, lounges and the endless array of museums and art galleries.

Brooklyn Shoe Space (BKSS) Brooklyn, NY.

Take a shoe or handbag making class with the Brooklyn Shoe Space. Keiko and the team at Brooklyn Shoe Space are more than happy to you through the ins and outs of how a shoe is made and in the end – you have made your very own unique custom made shoes in only 3 short days. Longer intensive classes are available. The hand-bag course is quite extensive as well.


Hudson Yards Observatory

You might come across the retail apocalypse happening in New York City as well as any other major city, but that is because you are in the wrong place! Lower Manhattan is making a retail come-back with small independent retailers in SOHO leading further South to the amazing Hudson Yards and the new Brookfield Place Shopping mall experience.

You will want to stop by Leather Suedes and Skins and Mood Fabrics.

Leather shop at Mood Fabrics

Looking for shoe supplies? Check out Kaufman’s Shoe Repair Supplies new digs in Brooklyn as well as the Brooklyn Shoe Supply shop at the Brooklyn Shoe Space.

Today it is unclear to say that 5th Avenue is still the highlight of lux shopping but while these anchors are still in residence, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and the rest of the lux crew are waiting for you to drop the big bucks on limited-edition must-haves!

LV is still around…


While in Soho, pop into Glossier and check out what makes this business model so successful.

Makeup testing room at Glossier.

Where to Eat

Dirt Candy – it may sound weird but if you are that kind of vegan eater then you know that name means something delicious and fantastic and sinfully healthy. Anyone can cook meat according to Iron Chef Canada and owner, Amanda Cohen. But those who can cook candy from the dirt ala spinach mille-feuille, are mystical unicorns indeed.

Dirt Candy Interior

Go there: 86 Allen Street NYC, NY 10002 212-228-7732 

Want more soul your plate with a classic American menu? The name of the burger joint, Harlem Shake may remind you of that jiggly shoulder dance, but the strawberry shakes will get you grooving in your seat. Take a trip uptown to Harlem and try out the lean sirloin burgers made with Pat la Frieda meats from New Jersey.

The decor is juke-box style but the celebs and selections of tunes are most definitely up-to-date. You could have your shake and eat it too for about $12 a plate.

Harlem Shake
Harlem Shake

Go there: 100 W 124th St, New York, NY 10027

Head on over to Bedsty and experience Brown Butter Craft Bar and Kitchen. Here they serve vegan choices and a fantastic buttery biscuit. Daily bottomless mimosas are on the menu from 2pm – 5pm as well as Westbrook White Thai beer.

Go there: 413 Tompkins Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216

What You’ll See

Nothing is as quintessential New York than the skyline. The marvel of the skyscrapers and new modern amusements of the condos and living spaces being erected above. On the ground, however, is a different story. Be prepared for a sea of colorful taxis and cars. Be prepared for the blaring sounds of horns. Be alert as you jay-walk across the street dodging cyclists and delivery trucks. New York is congested (it says so on your uber receipt) and that is not a fairy tale. 

It is also smelly in some areas so don’t be shocked if it reminds me of traveling to other countries with over-populated cities and never-ending construction.

An edibles truck in mid-town is also a new norm.

Fashion is alive and kicking in New York City so be prepared to witness a gigantic high level of self-expression. Among all of the creative beings that make up New York, none can compare to the combined force of fashion life on the sidewalks, aka “the runway” in a city that never sleeps.

Shoe Stuff

New York City is probably one of the fewer towns that you can easily get a shoe or handbag repaired. Just about every 5 or 10 blocks there is a shoe-cobbler or a dry cleaning service to clean and repair shoes – dry cleaners seem to roll in the same circles as shoe cobblers. You can also try to get them to use their methods to make your Yeezy’s or any other cloth-based shoe, super clean.

Jims Shoe Repair on 59th also offers an online service. There are shoe cobblers underground in the train stations. There are shoe-shiners in office buildings. There is no shortage of services to assist you in your efforts to keep your shoes intact as you pound the pavement of the city.

Where to get shoes made

Brooklyn Shoe Space – as mentioned above

Modern Vice


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