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Two days ago, Mailchimp launched a series of videos, podcasts, and micro shows that touch on the painstaking journey that entrepreneurs take. One of the most interesting series I find happens to be called, TRADE SHOW SHOW.

TRADE SHOW SHOW – directed by show-runner Jason Woliner – is a mockumentary exploring the hilarious, high-stakes world of trade shows. Three entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation unveil their products at WELLNEX, the nation’s leading health, and wellness expo.

A new collection of films, podcasts, and short-form series, including the just-released Trade Show Show and Unlikely Business Lessons.


While it is no secret that innovation is key today, this series uncovers the hilarious takes on what we go through to sell, inspire and explain our passion. 

MailChimp Presents is a platform developed by the email marketing giant to let it’s customers know that they hear you, it’s tough out there!

Watch The Full Episodes of TRADE SHOW SHOW Here:

Just a Prototype – Trade Show Show • Mailchimp Presents

Tanita Gray

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