Delivering a proper menswear tradeshow to Los Angeles

Liberty Fairs opens its doors today and tomorrow at the California Market Center (CMC) and I couldn’t be happier! Of all the tradeshows to aspire to attend, exhibit and be seen; Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs is the show to feature your brand. The atmosphere of the show is instantly surrounded by fashion culture and true design inspiration. Founded by Sharifa Murdock and Sam Ben-Avraham, Liberty Fairs is a men’s contemporary fashion and lifestyle trade show event in New York City, Miami and Las Vegas.

And now…Los Angeles!

Since its inception in 2013, Liberty Fairs has stayed true to its mission to bring together the most forward-thinking brands and the industry’s top buyers. #brandtogether


This is Liberty Fairs’ first show in Los Angeles. Joining forces with LA Men’s Market to create a new experience, making this show the ultimate and proper West Coast menswear destination. Already at the forefront of newness in fashion relations, Liberty Fairs has taken advantage of the virtual showcase concept successfully. However, the return to in-person events is still vital to fashion.

Do away with the idea of achieving corporate success. The world is changing and those changes will directly impact the infrastructure of corporate America.

Sharifa Murdock for BOND OFFICIAL

As a previous attendee of the Las Vegas shows, I can tell you that if you choose to exhibit and showcase your collection, the support of your brand is of its highest level. The LF team knows what brands need. 

Run The World

Freshly appointed Edwina Kulego (owner of Essentials by Edwina) , as Vice President overseeing all facets of the brand including its trade shows in New York, Los Angeles and Miami  – Liberty Fairs has adapted to COVID-19 and is designing the future of tradeshows.

Kulego & Murdock

And now with NYFW pulling the rug from under un-vaccinated people, this is a time to pay attention.

Listen to how she is steering Liberty Fairs and the concerns of fashion’s newest rival.


So if you are in Los Angeles and you want to see how a tradeshow is run during the pandemic with some of the dopest brands in town – check out Liberty Fairs.

Tanita Gray

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