A closer look at Hope For Flowers by Tracy Reese X Naturalizer collection

Sunflower @Naturalizer

On April 13, a new collection dreamed up by sustainability designer, Tracy Reese was launched. The collection features very new and fresh silhouettes with the use of upcycled materials. On the Hope For Flowers site, Tracy gives an insight to the development of the collection.

Reese worked closely with the Naturalizer development team. “We’re using sports soles that are composed using a percentage of recycled materials,  post-consumer waste that is cleaned up off of the beaches and incorporated into shoe soles. The leathers that we are using for the footbeds, and the uppers are all responsibly sourced.”

Hope For Flowers by Tracy Reese X Naturalizer collection

The collection is a joyful spring that explores high vibrant colors and prints that are usually an afterthought for “sustainable design”. However, the use of upcycling methods makes materialization in production a creative relief. Reese is used to designing shoes for the runway. Now her shoes are available for life’s runway.


Reese goes on to mention “I really didn’t know that much about how the shoe industry is approaching responsible design and production.” Making it clear that the fashion industry is in need of evaluation and education of these creatives to be confident in what they are promoting and producing. 

Reese’s Hope For Flowers brand reaches out beyond the shelves with its Detroit-based headquarters with community focused art initiatives

Tracy Reese with the youth arts program students

“Through our Art Enrichment Program, we hope to expand the possibilities that children see for themselves. We want to help them ‘color their worlds.’ I believe that experiencing the arts enhances our view of the world and our place in it, and gives us agency to create rich and vibrant lives.”

Tracy Reese

An artisan studio and community engagement projects focused on sustainability are also a part of the brand’s menu.

Founded in 2018, the brand’s ethos is to offer quality clothing while incorporating positive, social and ecological practices into their sourcing and operating structures. Everything that we know about Tracy Reese – and everything we did not, lives in the experience that is Hope For Flowers. The clothing captures Reese’s vibrant cultural mash up looks with a renewed energy on the future of fashion. The brand is ever-evolving as the industry looks for alternatives to global impact like shipping poly bags. An element that the brand is in hopes to do away with in the near future. 

The campaign comes equipped with dreamy high visuals that are meant to draw you in and think in  a positive light. The Hope For Flowers by Tracy Reese x Naturalizer collection is worth taking a stroll in. 

Don’t forget to stop, appreciate and smell the flowers!

Tanita Gray

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