Want to a certificate in sustainability? Check out this upcoming workshop sponsored by Last-Report and CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America)

Focused on reducing supply chain, material, and product impacts of fashion styles!

When & Where

Wednesday, November 9, 2022
10am-4pm EST at GCNYC, 64 Wooster St., NYC

Hosted by: Material Exchange and USFIA

The Details

Earn a certificate in sustainability during this all-day course led by USFIA x Material Exchange. The fashion sustainability workshop is centered on assessing products, minimizing impacts, and understanding sustainable design how-to’s. 

The all-day course on fashion sustainability will be focused on sharing strategies and solutions to minimize material and product impacts along the global supply chain. Fast-paced and hands-on, this seminar will target sustainable design strategies and practices; responsible global-sourcing approaches; transport impact calculations; supply chain mapping; material and product assessments; and action plans and roadmaps so that fashion brands, designers, and apparel-industry professionals can learn to add measurable sustainable processes, actions, and goals at their companies.

The workshop is geared toward working fashion professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of measurable ways to increase the sustainability of their brand products.

Meet the instructors!

Nina Kaledin Flexport

Calculating transportation and supply chain impacts:

Nina Kaledin | Program Manager | Flexport

Stewart Sheppard, Higg Index

Material and product impacts and assessments

Stewart Sheppard | Director of Sustainability & Training | Higg Index

Atnyel Guedj, Made2Flow

Tier 1 and 2 impacts and action plans

Atnyel Guedj | Chief Product Officer |  | Made2Flow

Jennifer Gilbert JG, End-of-Life Consulting

Circularity and Take Back Programs

Jennifer Gilbert | Chief Marketing & Partnerships Officer | JG Consulting

andrea kennedy material exchange

Impact-reduction strategies

Andrea Kennedy | VP of Sustainability | Material Exchange

Tanita Gray

Editor-In-Chief, Publisher and Founder of, and CEO of Shoes Waste. Gray is a footwear, accessory and apparel designer/developer by day - writer and content architect by night. With over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry, you can find her teaching sustainability classes, drawing thumbnails, writing in her journal, giving her husband & children enormous hugs, or eating french fries.

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