Emerging Shoe Designers You Should Know About.

Fashion, just like evolution, is ever-changing. The footwear industry and its Shoe Designer counterparts are consistently coming up with new ideas to develop and stand out from the genial pool of mundane fashion.  Sure there are traditional routes a Designer can take. Designers can choose to safely stay within the lines and not to tamper with the commercial view of what works. Emerging Designers are well…different.

Emerging Designers have the ability to change our minds and most importantly, tap into what speaks to them. They have the power to make us see their new point of view and appreciate their own interpretation of what works. Allowing them to move away from tradition and come into view.

Hide & Seek

You never know who or what will grow from these concepts. Because there are so many designers in the pool, it can be difficult to find the next power house brand behind a great heel or Mens collection. To make things a little easier, we highlight a group of hand-picked Designers who are making waves in the gene pool of shoes, contributing to the evolution of the Fashion Industry.