Clarks is looking for some flavor to their line up and so Kaboom guess who steps in the room – Oneschool.

The Task

Oneschool (a division of is an online platform that answers the lack of diversity in the global ad space by giving Black creatives free access to some of the industry’s best talent. The goal is to help them create world-class portfolios that open doors that would possibly be closed to them. In most cases creatives may lack the resources and relationships needed to elevate their careers. Even moreso, the development of a well thought out and critiqued portfolio that will leave the agency speechless is also an item that is coveted.

To jump start a great portfolio piece, Clarks has given the students of Oneschool a task to come up with an unexpected Wallabee collaboration and a campaign to launch it. According to the Oneschool site, the concept can be a collaboration like with a toy, a drink, a sports team, a cause…anything! The campaign could use posters, stunts, tech, social, – it just better be interesting. 


Vintage Clarks ad

Clark’s history can date back over 200 years as a slipper. However, it was the launch of the Desert Boot by Nathan Clark that produced mainstream appeal in the UK and across the English territories in the Caribbean (Jamaica is one of the largest supporters of the brand since its ban of imports in the 70’s). Also in the 70’s the Wallabee was created. In 1996 something a little more upbeat took place.

So let’s take a look at why Clarks would want to “tap in” to these creatives. When the Wallabee was first introduced they practically flew straight onto the album covers of reggae’s most influential artists. Since then, the world has seen the Wallabee worn by the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, hip-hop royalty, Jamaican dancehall artists, the Marley & Tosh legacy and has been adopted by subcultures all across the globe. Black creatives have seen the Clark Wallabee as a sign of status for the very concerning customer. There is a certain look that needs to accompany the Wallabee and not everyone can pull it off. 

While Bob Dylan and Steve McQueen became synonymous with the Desert Boot in the ‘60s – it was hip hop and Reggae artists that took the Wallabee to the next ultimate universe. Probably the longest running hip-hop footwear staple was reborn in 1996 when Wu-Tang and their spin-off solo visions gave fans a shoe that they can actually wear that was not a sneaker.

“I had ‘em on my Ironman cover,” Ghostface Killah adds. “I always had a vision. Like the blue and cream joints? I said, ‘I’mma dye ‘em like this, dye ‘em like that, dip ‘em this way.’”

“I had a Chinese man I always would take my Clarks to just to go get ‘em dyed. My man Kim. He’s the guy who did all the shoes on the Ironman cover.”

Ghostface Killah

There’s even a song called “Clarks” by Vybz Kartel that dropped in 2010.

So there was no question as to who would be sought after to deliver additional flavor to the Wallabee visual advertisements. 


Clarks Originals has had a long standing collaboration mandate to its brand expanding its audience and making sure to stay true to its roots. The moccasin toe silhouette, the crepe rubber outsole and suede upper – comfort and ease makes this shoe a stand out and go-to.

Some collaborations include the SOLD OUT Aime Leon Dore collab featuring NAS.

Aime Leon Dore

The refurbished collab with The Griggs Brothers and Gimme 5.

Cool looking canvas joints with NEIGHBORHOOD

Candy colors from LEVIS.

Woven by SUPREME.

A graphic novel navy pair by DOOM.

And some retro tapestry covers by Todd Snyder.

The Outcome

Oneschool and Clark’s Originals should produce a winning campaign that will entice yet another round of photo-worthy collabs with new designers, artists and creatives alike. Now its up to the winner to step into the 36 chambers of Wallabees – handcrafted in England, comfortably worn by many.

What would a Yasuke x Wallabee collab look like?

Who’s eligible:

Here are the details from the Oneschool site the students need to follow in order to enter the competition.

  • You must be US based
  • You must be 18+
  • You can’t have attended a portfolio school or similar ad program before
  • You must be pursuing a creative role in the industry (Art Director/Copywriter)
  • You must be willing to commit to the hours and work required

The dates:  

  • Applications open Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 and are due Sunday, March 6th, 2022 – 11:59pm EST

How to apply:

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining Oneschool, Oneclub or entering the contest – check out the full brief here:

How to have fun with this article:

Listen to the 36 Chambers on YouTube.

Some resources because this could not be done alone:

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