What you should know about the Pyer Moss F/W2021-22 couture show

ICYMI: July 10, 2021

WAT U IZ – Kerby Jean-Raymond’s anticipated F/W2021-2022 Pyer Moss couture show took place in Irvington New York at the Villa Lewaro. Villa Lewaro was once the estate of entrepreneur, Madam C.J. Walker who developed and groomed a multi-million dollar empire through her hair care system during the time of the Harlem Renaissance. 


Jean-Raymond posted the video in its entirety and makes you feel like you are there live.

Show starts on 30:55 with opening by Elaine Brown – former leader of the Black Panthers. The looks start at 43:30 with 22Gz performing the soundtrack.

A press release for the show states that “Black imagination is this world’s greatest technology.”

The Fall Winter show reminded us that we have yet to scratch the surface with who we are and what you is. African American/Black inventors have been not only pivotal but vital to the evolution of human technology. While his show visually displayed the inventions of 22 great minds  – if he were to elaborate on the patents and the ideas and products that are in use today stemming from the early 1900’s and earlier…we would have to watch the show at least everyday for 3 years. And let us be reminded that the phrase “real McCoy” is an extension of Elijah McCoy who invented the steam engine lubricator AND was the first engineer to sign his name on his invention; thus creating fame for the phrase.

Why is it important to know about African American Inventors?

It is important for African Americans to know about African American inventors because we are taught our history and culture by non-African Americans from K-12 and then as an elective when one decides to go to college. When a nation of people can stand proud behind its builders of infrastructure and development of technology – they become inspired. They become revered. They become supreme.

  • African Americans were not citizens, whether free or enslaved. Without the ability to swear an oath of citizenship, enslaved persons could not apply for patents. (Swanson, K. Columbia Law Review. RACE AND SELECTIVE LEGAL MEMORY: REFLECTIONS ON INVENTION OF A SLAVE)

African American/Black inventors have yet to scale to the top of the Google search. Wikipedia will tell you that someone other than Henry T. Sampson invented the cell phone and earned the patent for it in 1971. And if we want to discuss textbooks and education you are well aware that from all of the standout inventions – everyone and their grandmother was taught Washington Carver invented peanut butter as if that was the ONLY thing he discovered or that he was the only beautiful mind of his time. 

What the Pyer Moss show did for many of us was remind the fashion world – and all that watched – the greatness of being of African descent. Least we forget. 

Black imagination is this world’s greatest technology

Kerby Jean-Raymond

The Looks From Pyer Moss F/W2021-2022 and complete list of the African American Inventors

*There were 26 looks in all however not listed are those that could not be immediately identifiable (because if you can believe it – white people posed as African Americans just as they did Native Americans) so the fact could not be correctly checked. And every search engine show images of Lewis Howard Latimer as John Purdy…Also the sign language cue for the curtain rod, I’d like to know what that means.

If you are 100% sure that I missed something and have the 411, PLEASE let me know so that I can update this post.

Samuel Scottron – Curtain Rod

pyer moss 2021-22

Garrett Morgan – Gas Mask

pyer moss 2021-22

Oscar E. Brown – The Horseshoe

pyer moss 2021-22

James Hemings – popularized American Ice Cream

pyer moss 2021-22

Checker board – BURKINA FASO

pyer moss 2021-22

Lonnie Johnson – Super Soaker

pyer moss 2021-22

Thomas W. Stewart – Wringing Mop

pyer moss 2021-22

Garrett Morgan – 3 way Traffic Light

pyer moss 2021-22

Marcus Garvey – Pan African Flag

pyer moss 2021-22

Lyda D. Newman – Modern Hair Brush

pyer moss 2021-22

Isaac R. Johnson – (Foldable) Bicycle Frame

pyer moss 2021-22

Thomas J Martin – Fire Extinguisher (improved 1872)

pyer moss 2021-22

Joseph Richard Winters – Fire Escape Ladder

pyer moss 2021-22

Madam C. J. Walker – (gave fame to) The Hot Comb

pyer moss 2022-21

Henry T. Sampson – Cellular Phone

Frederick Jones – Portable Air Conditioning Unit

pyer moss 2021-22

Lewis Howard Latimer – The Light Bulb & The Edison Electric System

pyer moss 2021-22

Solomon Harper – Electric Hair Rollers

pyer moss 2021-22

John Purdy – Foldable Chair

pyer moss 2021-22

Frederick McKinley Jones  – Transportable Refrigeration

pyer moss 2022-21

The Venue – Villa Lewaro

It was a moving couture show. Although it was postponed due to rain, the show itself was a fantastic way to honor those who have created and developed something to improve and elevate our lives today. I was waiting for the lasting machine look to come down the runway, but that may have been too heavy to walk with!

The House That Madam C.J. Walker Built

madam c.j. walker home in New York

NOTE: The National Trust holds a perpetual preservation easement on Villa Lewaro that ensures the property’s historic character will be preserved. This easement was jointly supported by the Dennis (Shea Butter Moisture/ Rich Dennis) and the Doley families. The home was named a National Treasure by the National Trust in 2014 and is part of a growing portfolio of African American historic sites protected through the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, an initiative designed to raise the profile of African American sites of achievement, activism, architecture, and community (Good Black News).

Want more reminders?

Black Inventors That Changed The World – Pt. 1

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