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About BDC

Founded in 2018, the Black Design Collective is comprised of accomplished fashion industry professionals-of-color who seek to amplify the influence of and create opportunities for the community of Black apparel and accessory designers and costume designers within the US and abroad. The BDC mission is rooted in the promotion of Scholarship, Mentorship, and Entrepreneurship within emerging generations of Black fashion design talent. Through this work, the BDC aims at ultimately fostering an independent and self-sustaining Black fashion community.

Membership Benefits

  1. Access to Black Design Collective’s resource directory
  2. Complimentary access to Black Design Collective’s Workshops and Seminars
  3. Discounts on Black Design Collective special events and merchandise
  4. The ability to promote individual events through Black Design Collective’s private Facebook group
  5. Access to affiliates in fashion-related services
  6. Opportunity to participate in Pop Up Showcases
  7. Quarterly Newsletters
  8. Access to members-only section of website
  9. Members-only meetings

Meet Your Founders

Ruth E. Carter – Award winning costume designer (Black Panther).

Angela Dean – Renown costume designer and stylist to the stars.

Kevan Hall – Responsible for taking the fashion house of Halston to the next level.

TJ Walker – Founding arm of mega urban brand, Cross Colours.

Become a member

For more information and application process, please visit:

Black Design Collective

Membership ends June 30, 2021 so do not delay!

Tanita Gray

Editor-In-Chief, Publisher and Founder of Last-Report.com, and CEO of Shoes Waste. Gray is a footwear, accessory and apparel designer/developer by day - writer and content architect by night. With over 17 years of experience in the fashion industry, you can find her teaching sustainability classes, drawing thumbnails, writing in her journal, giving her husband & children enormous hugs, or eating french fries.

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