Whats in your line? What you need in your closet.

Herein are the trends that dominate the Summer 2019 lineup. Is your line on trend? Is your sneaker game up to par? Let’s find out!

Materials Take Action

Adidas Terrex 

Influential brands and new technologies will push sustainability to the forefront of material innovation, and one-off effects will gain popularity as consumers shift away from box-fresh sneakers


Performance materials elevate the outdoor division of Adidas with the Terrex featuring the Boa® Fit System. This lightweight and durable material mix uses technologically advanced materials to create the fusion of function and trend. Outsoles with graphic textures, some pumice-like effects on the outsoles create a sense of porous breathability.

Next-Gen super-materials and applications like 3D knit and threadless upper constructions. High-contrast mesh, waffle textures, and protective “caging” are a few key features.



Recycled materials play a major role in circular sustainability. Replacing glue with biodegradable materials that can be reprocessed and repurposed. Adidas is hitting us with FUTURECRAFT Loop manufacturing using recycled TPU in upper elements. These materials can be used in running, lifestyle, outdoor, training, and all-day active lifestyle.

Simone Post for Adidas “Stripe on Stripe”

Everything from sneakers to rugs by Simone Post, are utilizing this experience to extend the lifespan of the product.

Super Weight

The North Face X MIT breath anywhere material

Developed in MIT, a new generation of ultra-light, ultra-strong materials emerge, such as nano-spun FutureLight fabric, and polyethylene nanofibres are used in The North Face. This unheard of breathable materials offering the “highest moisture vapor transmission rate of any waterproof fabric ever tested,” (Adventure Journal)

Asics MetaRun™

Expect to see new technologies come to market and bring this aspect into active footwear. Asics has this “FlyteFoam®” series that includes the style MetaRun™.  The exclusive technologies (including FlyteFoam® midsole tech) – is the first ever running shoe with a responsive ride that creates a truly custom fit the more you run.

FlyeFoam® series says that you will feel like flying when you were them on a hike, run or cycle ride.

Perfect Imperfections

RodrigoAlmeida chair

Sustainability is sometimes not all that pretty. Well, to some. In most cases, recycled materials take on the unique characteristic that makes every item special. There is an interesting “worn” feel that brands are pushing to the forefront of items that are made from recycled yarns, denim, bottles, plastics, etc. Those quirky characters are the stars of the new look of footwear moving forward.


Brands are using unique patterns and color combinations make no two pairs alike, adding a sense of individuality.

Suzanne Oude Hengel

Product Designer, Suzanne Oude Hengel combines various types of yarns and knitting disciplines to create an innovative approach to the sock sneaker trend. Keds new colorful kicks have a fantastic tassel adorned to create a bold statement.

Plant One On Me

Terraform mushroom seating

Use of Plant-based materials have been a topic of discussion since the Nat 2 vegan mushroom fungi sneaker. The fomes fomentarius court sole was made with innovative materials such as eco-cotton, microfiber suede from recycled PET bottles, real cork insoles and real rubber outsoles.

Nat 2 fomes fomentarius sneaker

Use of cellulose-derived materials, and bio-food wastes like coconut, sugar cane, coffee beans, and corn will be used for uppers and outsoles.  

Shoe Surgeon’s Elephant Ear plant leather

Shoe Surgeon’s plant leather kicks are a way to support the use of vegan lace-ups.

NIKE Plant-dye collection 
AllBirds Tree trainer

Allbirds’  tree fiber—TENCEL™ Lyocell—is sourced from South African farms that minimize fertilizer and rely on rainfall, not irrigation. Compared to traditional materials like cotton, it uses 95% less water and cuts our carbon footprint in half (Allbirds).

Untouched Leathers

Jiro Yonezawa weaves natural dyed leather for Loewe

Consumers are gaining a greater awareness of environmental issues and the harsh chemical processes that go into leather tanning. The demand for transparency is a top priority for brands to show how they approach leather tanning in shoes.

By minimizing the use of chemically treated leathers, it promotes cleaner processing and a responsible supply chain. Crust leathers are also a nice addition to your lineup of neutrals.

Everlane’s Tread trainer

Everlane introduced their trainer Tread, giving all the details in craftsmanship and clean applications. On the path to Zero – the trainer in development is closing the loop in production by being carbon neutral.

Earlier this April at Milan Design Week, Loewe design house invited bamboo artists, Jiro Yonezawa and Hafu Matsumoto created seven one-off pieces which for the most part swap their usual strips of bamboo for naturally dyed LOEWE leather.

Hender Scheme always up for a good play on natural leather

Hender Scheme’s Ryo Kashiwazaki continues to produce collabs and industrial projects that are clean-leather-obsessed.

Deconstructed and Worn

Jisun Kim at DesignBoom

The distressed trend has always been around lurking in the corners of fashion. People would see a vintage finish or ash finish with frayed edges and think – is this shoe defective???

Acne Studio “Rockaway”

The play on the rough and rugged style on foot seems like a waste of money – to actual PAY for dirty sneakers – but fashion has a way to make dirty look phenomenal. Acnes Studios “Rockaway” sneaker in white (you be the judge) and Childish Gambino’s offer to update an Adidas classic, Nizza give insight to the new generation of how-to-wear.

Donald Glover’s NIZZA

How to wear a dirty finish sneaker? With clean, smart attire of course.

Layers and color

Jaxson Pohlman Photography

Dior’s B23 sneaker collaboration with Hajime Sorayama, explore and expose the layering of prints, clear PVC, and vulcanize application patchwork.

Dior X Hajime Sorayama

This “cool effect” design plays off nicely as the summer months ahead beg for the perspective of color against the sun. Nature and technology play together with a gender-fluid pastel color scheme.


Reflective, loose tie-dyes, rainbow oil slicks, fun materials are all a necessary pleasure as Summer taps Spring on the shoulder to shout – I’m Here!

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Tanita Gray

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