Brooklyn-based, socially conscious, and purveyor of slow fashion.

Suzanne Rae
Designer, Suzanne Rae/Coveteur

Suzanne Rae is someone you should know about. Her name sake women’s collections are made in New York and Italy based on sustainable practices and “slow fashion” (Pieces on limited run that take time needed to craft). Her footwear line focuses on skilled craftsmanship, simple lines, architectural heels, and feminine appeal.

Both feminine and feminist in philosophy, the pieces are minimalist in aesthetic and relevant in functionality. With social awareness and sustainability as a part of our foundation, we always apply a careful consciousness while creating clothing for the gentlewoman.

New York City is the best place to see the visual impact of popular culture up-close and personal.

Across the river, on the other side of male-dominated industries – Brooklyn happens to be the perfect place to witness feminism as a cultural movement, its commitment to community and yes, its contribution to fashion. For the Brooklyn-based Suzanne Rae, the spirit of individuality, feminism, and social responsibility live in every detail.

Suzanne Rae Spring 2019
Mary Jane

The militant touches in some of her work represent empowerment, strength and togetherness as the female-centric culture promotes. The brand’s aesthetics reflect the laid-back and chill vibe that Brooklyn is known for. The garments and footwear are executed in an interestingly sophisticated way; using tailored elements mixed with oversized features, and active/urban inspiration. The designer also supports a pint-sized collection for girls.

Suzanne Rae Spring 2019
Fur-lined Sandal

An exemplary model of social awareness, Suzanne Rae has been involved with Girls, Inc. since 2014.  She has also served as a Venture Fellow participating in Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA) program, offering her professional experience to future designers.

Smoking Loafer
Puffy Platform Sandal

I do have an inherit soft spot for anything from the borough of, Brooklyn. The Spring 2019 line is available on – the backdrop of the lookbook reminds me of the residential homes in Sheephead Bay.

Follow Suzanne Rae on Instagram: @suzanneraebk

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