Cult Gaia Designer - Jasmin Larian
Jasmin Larian

We believe getting lost in the details
is a wonderful place to be found.

Cult Gaia/About

Designer Jasmin Larian harnesses her training from FIT to develop a full lifestyle collection of shoes, handbags and apparel that represent the more artful side of things. Her designs show off heels on spheres and hand-woven basket techniques on uppers. The collection displays an affection of cultural art mixed with modern shapes.  Cult Gaia  (Established in 2012) boasts designs that are meant to keep the eye moving with a nod to Objet d’Art. What’s in the name you ask? Gaia is the goddess of Mother Earth and the daughter of chaos, the most creative force there is. That said, here are a few amazing pieces to obsess over that are quickly moving on to the sold out list but not to be missed.

Cult Gaia Alia Woven Mule
Alia Leather Mule in Marigold

Cult Gaia Sage Mule
Sage Leather Mule 
Cult Gaia Luna Sandal
Luna Leather Sandal
Cult Gaia Osiris Bracelet
Osiris Bangle

I love seeing a collection that expresses being grounded in culture among the modern hustle and bustle. Cult Gaia has a beautiful collection to be admired.

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