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San Diego, CA, May 26, 2019 – Where in the world are shoes made? Travel experiences has taken on a new foot-forward approach. is launching its new travel and destination excursion called, Shoe Cities™. This innovative event answers the question – Where In The World Are Shoes Made?

Shoe Cities™ is a new 2-part series of business travel for those in the footwear segment of the Fashion Industry. The leg of tours offer guests one on one interaction with manufacturers of footwear in the following cities; Los Angeles, New York, Alicante, Milan, and Delhi. The second series includes; Ho Chi Minh City, Guangzhou, Sao Paulo, Leon, and Porto.

Travelers will experience a business trip like no other combining education, resource, networking, and culture.  It is all part of the ideal development trip created by Tanita S. Gray, Editor In Chief of This experience is a direct response to the queries that come from new designers and entrepreneurs who were challenged with building a footwear line overseas.

“You have to get down to the factory floor, meet your suppliers in person, start the dialog with a handshake and understanding. People still need to communicate with each other, face to face. It builds a better relationship with your partners. Our tour jump-starts that engagement.” Says, Founder and EIC, Tanita S. Gray.

Fashion has rapidly become an increasingly challenged industry.

“The industry needs to share quality information about manufacturing. Making those connections; building bridges, uplifting growth, and exploring how we can function together. That is what Shoe Cities is about.”

The cultural aspect of Shoe Cities™ is a well-deserved bonus. With this tour, it is imperative that you take a moment, breath, and be open to what’s around you. It makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, entrepreneur or shoe enthusiasts looking for an incredibly different travel experience, this tour will cover it all.

Shoe Cities™ will highlight suppliers and factory facilities that practice sustainable and ethical operations, as this is a high demand for consumers worldwide. Historic sites, landmarks, amenities such as lodging in certified sustainable hotels, and private transportation are part of the experience. Industry trend tradeshows, fashion events, workshops, and business seminars are also on the non-stop itinerary. Shoe lovers will learn about shoes, how they are made, where they are made, and essentially – how to build a shoe business.

Guests of the trip will also receive access to the online course, Footwear Design & Manufacturing – your “Step 1” guide to navigating the footwear industry. Creating a full spectrum,  interactive encounter.

The kick-off city of Los Angeles has dates of June 17-19 and October 2-4, 2019.

2020 dates for Shoe Cities™ New York and International destinations will be available in September of 2019. Sign up to get early announcements and updates.

For Media queries and RSVP for Shoe Cities™, contact:

Tanita S. Gray