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Must Have – The Dad Sandal

Did you get Teva Sandals this Summer?

The ‘Dad’ trends keep on coming. First, chunky trainers, fanny packs and anoraks and even golf polo shirts are slipping in there, but now the practical sandal is flying high as the must have ‘Dad’ item to own. 

Although, I’m not sure why this label has stuck, as I don’t know any dads that own any of the above.

This utilitarian, comfortable looking sandal has more of a “Geography Teacher” kind of vibe going on. Before they became ‘the thing’, you were more likely to find them in camping shops in the Lake District (or Bass Pro-Shops) than a trending style on Net-a-Porter.

Now that summer is in full force, I guess its high time to get your own. 


Miuccia Prada started this unlikely fashion and has made chunky rubber soled sandals with Velcro straps a cult item rather than a sensible one.


Thanks to Miuccia, Teva has made a sudden shift in rep and are selling out on Asos and in Urban Outfitters. No surprise when the mid-form chunky is only £50.


Teva @Asos

It would be all too easy to jump on this Teva train but I have a few issues : the vertical strap makes my foot look very long, I hate the sound of Velcro and I never liked geography. So before I do, I’d like to explore the alternatives to this chunky practical sandal.

Asos Design – Fate

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs have added a tie at the ankle to their sporty offering giving them a more feminine edge. Just add socks if you want to keep with the ‘dad’ theme.

Marc Jacobs

Suzanne Rae

Suzanne Rae has ethically produced a satin Velcro style sandal on a thick rubber sole with cushioned in sole.

Suzanne Rae

Jeffrey Campbell

Whilst Jeffrey Campbell has really gone for it offering up the sporty look in neon yellow or green.

Bimba y Lola

Bimba y Lola offer a similar look to Teva but the cross strap is far more flattering on the foot and the pastel coloured branding on the heel gives them an added edge.

Bimba y Lola


Swedish fashion brand, Vagabond has a  leather luxe design combining a chunky outsole for immediate style impact.



Cos did a similar version. They’re made from smooth leather and have minimal velcro thanks to the hook and loop fastening straps.


Dr. Martens

Another brand that is well known for its chunky soles is Dr. Martens, I wish I could get away with these, but my legs require a bit more muscle around the calf. They have added a super light-weight option to their collection complete with nylon Velcro straps.

Dr. Marten

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has a full offering of ‘ugly’ sandals, the chunkier the better it seems. Their own style comes in 3 colourways and provides adjustable clip straps similar to that of camping style rucksack.

Urban Outfitters


Teva-Anna Sui

The Teva now seems to be the only classic, mildly chunky, “Dad Sandal” sandal out there. And if that spongey platform is made for doing 10,000 steps a day, I’m in, just don’t ask me to come hiking.


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