Wrtitten by Aaron “Aznahsote” Gray

This is a story about a time when the world had to be saved by technology. Technology, biology and organics had to be combined. African scientists developed a way to connect and manipulate genetics with nanotechnology. Not only with humans, but with animals and plant life – infused from the core – the water, air and dust. Everything had to be reborn. Nanotechnology has the ability to repair and reconstruct and regenerate to its original form. This created societies of warriors and soldiers who were prepared to combat because of their abilities; however, not immortal.

In a matriarch society lived a boy named, Ghakumbo (who’s mother was a Combatant) lost his father in  war.  When Ghakumbo’s mother passed away, he moved in with his Aunt who was also a Combatant.

Combatants – are typically all female – are connected to their fighting animal. The Combatants and their animal become “one.”

Naming the animal is the first step to the connection.

Combatants and their animals participate in sport and contesting as battle partners. Ghakumbo lives in the epicenter of sport, combat and champion fighters.

One day, Ghakumbo comes across some men hurting a dog. He being young, but groomed by warriors with codes and not afraid, approached the men and expressed his anger on how they were treating the animal. Being beat by a young man, the men leave. Ghakumbo discovers the dog is pregnant. “Everything will be alright.” He says to the dog. At that same moment, the dog quickly looks up and wags her tail at his words. Ghakumbo does not yet know what is happening as he picks up the dog and carries her home. His Aunt smiles when she sees them together. And brings tears of remembering his mother. Ghakumbo names his new dog, Mind Reader. Mind Reader had her puppies earlier than expected and Auntie noticed that the puppies were extraordinary and from serious stock. They showed great potential at an early age and would be coveted by the best Combatants in village.

Ghakumbo, the son of a Major Combatant, is now the owner of something special; will begin to mature into his unique greatness.