Kids Summer Trends – 2019. Get the kids in gear with these styles.

Kids footwear and accessory style is not only a necessity but an impulse buy for the parents who cannot resist the adorable offerings from the brands today.

And with so many brands attending to neutrality, finally, boys AND girls have more options! As a parent of five, I cannot think of a better time to dive into retail and snag a few items.

You Can Be A Hero

When it comes to Children’s wear, primary colors are the boldest when choosing a color palette. Mix in a little radio-active neon, and some high-tech materials, and you’ve got a scene straight out of a comic book.

Fanny Packs and utility gear are on every rack this season and will more than likely spill over into back-to-school. Rubberized “Dad Shoes” are also at the register or in shopping carts, preparing for the family summer adventure.

SPOTLIGHT: SuperHeroic Shoes

Developed by Jason Mayden, the line of hero-worthy athletic sneakers are perfectly gender-neutral calling all boys and girls to cast on a cape and dream.

The line embraces comfort, functionality, and that youthful fun factor “Guardians” (parents) love by teaming up with Nickelodeon and creating their own comic series – Phase Five. The SuperHeroic mission is to get kids moving and in action.

Check out their mission statement:

Photo: SuperHeroic
Photo: SuperHeroic

Other trends to look out for at a favorite shop near you.

Zara (Seoul)
Ron Robinson
Ron Robinson
Dolce & Gabbana
Kindle for Kids

The Little Mermaid/Unicorn/Ice Cream

The Mermaid-Unicorn-Ice Cream hybrid has not been a reality, however, the theme is a little girl’s dream (just ask, Halley Bailey). Shops are covered with glittery scales, unicorn poop, pastel rainbows, and tutus. There is even a unicorn dog sneaker.

The right amount of cotton candy, ice cream colors, and sprinkles round out the selection – leaving shimmery explosions with every step.

EMU Australia
Vroom Vroom Bitsy Boo (LA)
United Colors of Benetton
Dolce & Gabbana
Ron Robinson
Ron Robison

I’m with the band

Nostalgic graphics and the idea of being in a rock band is still a go-to theme for fashion expression at any age. Rocking out, mixing beats, karaoke, are all at their little fingertips via an app from a tablet or mobile phone.

Keeping your kids up on 90’s Hip Hop, 80’s Rock n’ Roll, or Mid-century Classics is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There is something for every kid to stay in tune and on the beat. Maybe you’ll learn about the hottest artist by listening to their playlist (more than likely, its someone you’ve NEVER heard of before).

Concert Tees, Cool graphics, crushed metallics, media mixes, old school Martens, and bandanna scarves are up for grabs.

Cotton On Kids
The Reckless Unicorn
Me & City
Dr. Martens
Ron Robinson
FILA at Journey’s

Los Angeles Retail Insight by WGSN

Watch this video on kids retail shops in and around Los Angeles. 

Video Credit: WGSN

WGSN by Ascential

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