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Footwear Design & Manufacturing Macro-Course

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Why learn about shoes?

shoe/SHo͞o/noun /plural noun: shoes

  1. a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, with a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle.

So why learn about shoes? Shoes are hands-down one of the most desired, horded and highest manufactured product on the planet. They can be utilitarian, fetish-driven, sexy, functional and useful. Above simplifies shoes as a foot covering. But from as low as a 99cent flip flop to a $908.00 stiletto or handmade cowboy boot; there must be rhyme to reason.

I am sharing with you my 15 plus years knowledge into the world of shoes from drawing a picture to seeing your line come down the conveyor belt.

Footwear Design & Manufacturing is a brand NEW 4-Lesson macro-course that starts October 15, 2018 and is available 100% online for US and International learners. Attractively priced at $60 per Lesson and content-compacted. There’s even a compact text companion and sketchbook.

If you just want to learn something new or brush up in the world of fashion and footwear or discover this area of manufacturing, who knows? Maybe develop a business to help its environmental impact — you never know what you can do with 4 Lessons of information!

Enroll today — course reveal is October 15.