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Our SHOP page is fueled by Affiliate Marketing and so you will be redirected to the shopping site via ecommerce links. Yes, we do receive a commission from sales. The products on our shop page are selected because of what we see is on trend, exposure of other publications, and recommendations that we think you may like, too. However, there will be links to take you to our own custom check-out experience – that is when you know it is not an Affiliate link and is our own branded product.

These sponsored posts and affiliate link revenue help us keep free for our readers.

Good journalism
We accept press trips in regards to our travel section! However, we will not take them just because it is free. We want to give our readers good journalism, and so any press related sponsorship or travel trip should suit our audience taste levels and expectations. Working with hotels, airlines, tourism boards, and travel partners help to make our articles and features robust and exciting – not tacky or in poor taste.


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