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An Athletic Brand With No Limits We’re going to put the work in needed. Our whole team is psychotically competitive, excuse my word use; we’re non-stop.   Kente Mixon And Another One There are possibly more than 1300 athletic brands here in the USA, supporting the global activewear market that will be worth $380 billion by …

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The UGLY shoe drop

Some even call them perfect or beautiful. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of the questionable shoes that also hit the market this month. WARNING: This post is 100% opinionated with videos and images resourced from the world wide web. Sometimes Last-Report does like to have a little fun and highlight things that make you go… hmmmm.

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Shoe Waste & The Future of Footwear (and Fashion)

SPECIAL EVENT! Calling all social entrepreneurs & innovators! May 13, 2022 18:00CET/9amPST/12pmEST Join Shoe Waste LLC CEO and Last-Report EIC, Tanita Gray and a global panel of experts as they discuss the current state of shoes, waste management in fashion, ERP and more. Our mission as a footwear publication is to assist in achieving the …

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A travel article

Have you been peering out your window wondering what the outside world is like? Or has traveling reduced itself to a needle poke appointment? Or has traveling been on your mind, but you are not sure how to do the one thing you saved all year long for? Most of us have already jumped that hurdle and are getting to their destinations by plane, train and automobile – and even in a spaceship. So if you have not done any of those fun things yet – this article is for you.